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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart speaker with Alexa BEST SELLER Amazon Review: Awesome looks , Greater Sound.



Better-looking, louder and clearer than the previous generation, the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a vast improvement over its predecessor and it even costs the same. It's the ideal smart home companion for placing all around your home.


  • Clear and loud audio
  • 3.5mm and Bluetooth audio outputs
  • Same price as old model
  • Improved design


  • No longer USB-powered
  • Not ideal for music


Design: Much made strides 

Amazon appears to adopt a remiss strategy to item plan. The first Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show were utilitarian, best case scenario, with hard plastic shells and a kind of nonexclusive, spending plan processing plant wrap up. It took the weight of Google's significantly more alluring Home and Home Mini to inspire Amazon to ponder what its leader Alexa gadgets resembled. 

Subsequently, the third-age Echo Dot exchanges the every single plastic side of its ancestors for a material secured wrap up. With gentler, more-adjusted edges, the new Dot looks less like a hockey puck and more like something you'd need in your front room. 

As previously, the highest point of the Dot is ringed with LEDs that light up blue when Alexa is tuning in; you'll likewise discover two volume catches, a catch to kill the receiver on and, and a catch to initiate Alexa. 

At 3.9 crawls in measurement and 1.7 inches tall, the third-age Dot is marginally bigger than the second-gen Dot, which is simply 3.3 inches wide and 1.3 inches high. 

While the third-age Dot is accessible in three hues (charcoal, heather dim and sandstone white), its new structure implies that you can never again utilize a large number of the outsider skins, cases and embellishments that were made for the second-age Dot. 

With milder, more-adjusted edges, the new Dot looks less like a hockey puck and more like something you'd need in your lounge room. 

Like with the more seasoned Dot, you can associate the third-age gadget to an outer speaker by means of the 3.5mm sound jack, or you can play music through the Dot by means of its Bluetooth association. One other minor enhancement is that the third-age Echo Dot bolsters 802.11ac Wi-Fi, while the second-age upheld just 802.11n. 

Sound Quality 

At 1.1 inches, the speaker in the third-age Dot is a full half-inch bigger than its ancestor, and the additional size shows. Playing tunes on the second-gen Dot was an unbearable affair, such as tuning in to music on an awful rate transistor radio. 

From the opening bars of Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road," it was instantly clear that the new Dot is far unrivaled. The opening drumroll seemed like static on the gen-2 Dot, yet on the gen-3 Dot, Max Weinberg's sticks at long last gotten their due. I could likewise unmistakably hear Clarence Clemons' sax belting through the melody. 

In any case, how does the new Echo Dot contrast with that other spending savvy speaker, the Google Home Mini? Things being what they are, it's better in many regards. When playing Prince's "Raspberry Beret," the Dot had a lot more full bass and was more intense in general. Vocals were somewhat quieted at the default equalizer settings, however expanding the treble to max helped a bit. 

On the Mini, Prince's vocals were more forward and characterized; I found a similar thing with Aretha Franklin's "Regard"; she, and the sax solo amidst the melody, felt somewhat crisper than on the Dot, which appeared somewhat sloppy by examination. 

All things considered, I figure the vast majority will lean toward the more full stable that originates from the Echo Dot over the Google Home Mini's sound. Undoubtedly, however, the Dot still sounds not even close comparable to the full-measure Echo, which profits by both a subwoofer and a tweeter. 

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There's one extremely convenient sound component taking off to all Echos. You can request that Alexa alter the equalizer settings of the Dot; for instance, you can state, "Alexa, set the bass to most extreme," or, "Alexa, reset the equalizer." (You can expand treble and bass from a size of - 6 to 6.) 

While you won't see a gigantic contrast on the Dot, the impact should be more articulated on different gadgets. 

What You Can Do with Alexa 

The past Echo Dot had seven mics to get your voice, and worked to perfection at it; the third era was similarly touchy and responsive, and similarly as great at hearing me. 

Alexa's capacities continue developing, so it's difficult to keep this piece of these surveys cutting-edge. Do the trick it to state, there are currently in excess of 50,000 aptitudes accessible, which incorporate everything from playing Jeopardy to turning on your lights, requesting pizza and getting a ride to the airplane terminal. Here are the 50 of our most loved aptitudes for Alexa. 

On the Echo Dot (similarly as with other Alexa speakers), you can stream sound through Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer, SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn. 

Like its aptitudes, Amazon continues including new shrewd home accomplices, so you'd be unable to discover a gadget that doesn't work with Alexa. From indoor regulators to lights to locks, fittings, switches, and cameras, the greater part of the best brands can be controlled through Alexa. Amazon is additionally creating brilliant home Routines, where you can control a pack of shrewd home gadgets with a solitary direction, for example, "Alexa Goodnight" to stop every one of your lights and bolt your entryways. It isn't as strong as what you can do with a savvy home center point, for example, SmartThings, however for most customers it will get the job done. 

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Different highlights incorporate the capacities to utilize Alexa to call and message others, drop in on other Alexa gadgets, and communicate a message to each Echo gadget in your home. 

Primary concern 

When we surveyed the second-gen Echo Dot, our solitary grievance was that its speaker wasn't extraordinary for music. Indeed, Amazon settled that, making the third-age Dot a brilliant speaker that is really worth tuning in to. At $49, the third-gen Dot is the best, most reasonable approach to get Alexa into your home. 

In the event that I needed to nitpick, I'd notice that you can never again add a cover to the Dot's outside to change its look. Other than that, at the cost, the Echo Dot is a for all intents and purposes immaculate savvy speaker.

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